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Why you need Cetark Compromise Assessment?

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    Find out if you’ve been compromised

    Our assessment starts with monitoring checking your network, endpoints and security log data for Indicators of Compromise (IoC). We use special security tools and deploy additional monitoring a detection solution for deeper analysis.

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    In case of mergers and acquisitions

    The compromise assessment serves a check to ensure that the buyer is not accepting the risk associated costs of an existing compromise.

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    Customised to your security requirements

    Your assessment is tailored to your technologies and threat landscape.

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    Risk management and regulatory Compliance

    Compromise assessments strengthens your information security risk methodology by helping you meet strict compliance requirements.

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    Get your business back to normal

    With compromise assessment, we hunt abnormalities in your IT environment as fast as we can so that it does not interrupt your business goals.

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    To lower the financial impact

    The quicker we hunt and detect breaches, the financial impact

Our Approach

Cetark’s compromised assessment is a part of a proactive approach to cyber security. During the assessment our team will

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    Review your organisations infrastructure

    Our advisors will examine your organisations infrastructure for evidence of compromise like backdoors, unauthorised access, and other abnormal activities.

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    Resolve the breach

    We will provide you with detailed reports on findings with actionable intelligence for threats detected along with recommendations to resolve and prevent breach.

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    Mitigate the Threat

    Our Threat hunting team carries out investigation to uncover the main cause of threat and to establish an action plan to mitigate them.