Cyber Breach Investigations

Cetark Incident response team investigate attacks, contain the incident and accelerates the speed of remediation by collaborating with your teams. This will help your organisation to handle cyber security incidents in a more effective and efficient manner.

Cetark Incident Response approach

In today’s ever-changing Cyber threat landscape when cyber attacks are inevitable, organisations can have difficulty in responding to cyber security incidents. There so many challenges that companies face:

  • How to identify Cyber security incident?
  • Determining what kind of attack (malware, system hack, DDOS, etc.)?
  • What systems, networks and information have been compromised?
  • How did the attacker enter into the system?
  • Determine potential impact on business?

At Cetark, we use three phase approach to answer all of the above questions:


Cetark Incident Response Team (CIRT)

Cetark Incident Response Team is organised into 3 Tiers, that receives reports of security breaches, analyzes the reports and determine the root causes of infiltration in the event of a Cyber incident.

Threat Investigators – Gather digital evidence and Provide Threat Intelligence to Security Analysts

Security Analysts – Team of security analysts find the details (who/what/why/when/how) of an incident, analyse Threat intelligence and ensures forensically sound investigation.

Team leader – Oversees and prioritizes actions during the detection, analysis, and containment of an incident.

How can Cetark Incident Response Team (CIRT) equipped with Threat intelligence expertise help you?

Threat intelligence has become a pivotal tool to fight against cybersecurity threats, and majority of organisations have made it a key part of their security programs. Some of its benefits are:

Faster incident response

Our experts in cyber defence focus on making the correct response to a cyber attack. Time spent on Threat hunting and responding to incident drastically reduces from hours to minutes when Cetark Incident Response Team works with your inhouse team.


Reduce IT costs

Without adequately trained incident response team, people respond to incidents with ad hoc solutions and trial and error, which wastes time and money. Our CIRT can help you managing incidents in the best way in the changing nature of the cyber threat landscape. When existing It security solutions are connected to Threat Intelligence, organisations can reduce system downtime and use free resources for more important activities.

Minimize damage

Incident response integrated with Threat Intelligence prevent attackers to reach their objective and prevent the company to go in critical state.