Response Readiness Assessment

The main goal of Response Readiness Assessment is to see how ready is your organisation as a whole, if/when an attack happens, to respond to the attack efficiently and effectively. We will assess the current situation of your security program and where you want to be. We will create a detailed road map with recommendations how you can reach your desired state taking into account your risk appetite.

Incident Response Readiness Phases

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    Evaluate response

    We perform a detailed review of your incident response plan including: policies, processes, procedures, system and network diagrams, incident response capabilities, and security controls in place.

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    Gap Analysis

    The second phase includes comparing the findings to industry best practices and apply our own experiences to identify gaps and opportunities to improve your readiness.

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    We work with your team to make a scenario that replicates an incident.

    We make your team ready to respond to security incidents effectively and efficiently when it happens.

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    In this phase, we work on Threat Mitigation roadmap that provides you with recommendations to enhance your incident response capabilities, so that you strengthen your defense.

Cetark Cybersecurity is here to guide you every step of the way to creating, enhancing, your organization’s incidence response readiness.